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 Proyecto :: Elysium Chronicles

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Proyecto :: Elysium Chronicles Empysl10 Proyecto :: Elysium Chronicles Empysl10 Proyecto :: Elysium Chronicles Empysl10
Proyecto :: Elysium Chronicles Empysl10 Proyecto :: Elysium Chronicles Empysl10 Proyecto :: Elysium Chronicles Empysl10

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Mensaje(#) Tema: Proyecto :: Elysium Chronicles Proyecto :: Elysium Chronicles Clock10Lun Feb 09, 2015 11:03 am

Proyecto :: Elysium Chronicles Portada-1216588


This is my general thread about the RPG Campaign
wich is under Development. Right now im looking for a good
and active team and searching for support of all kind.
The project actually is half made, 30% exactly.
I hope you will enjoy playing.
I started this project long time ago (2008) and now i return to finish
it once and for all. It was an ambitious work but it will worth it.
If you are interested in join to the project send me an inbox
or just help supporting it and leave a comment telling me what
you think.
Everything is welcome!


I got 2 ideas in mind.

1st) And alternative Wc3 World
This history take place in wc3
world, the main idea was create and alternative line-story
who fits with the wc3 story.
You take control of one human soldier heading a war
against Burning Legion. In middle of battle an strange
annomally occurs, a giant explosion begins and you black out.
When the soldier wakes up it realizes that he was transportated in another
dimension. A paralel world, an weird and creepy island.
The Adventure begins in search of answers and trying back to
normal world and fight against King Lich and save the life in Azeroth.
But the island hide some misteries. Its not an ordinary place.
The secrets of world are waiting to be discovers.
The soldier discovers that
he is 14.200 years in the past and an ancient silent tribe called the
Vukus has the key of all.
With the help of a friendly wisp the human will start his adventure.
Silent, Secrets, Mistery, Danger, and Darkness will be your friends.


2nd) A totally disconected wc3 history
It will start in a silent world,
with no cinematics or speaks. Confusion and mistery will be the main
elements here too. You dont remember your past, maybe is a dream,
maybe you are death, or perhaps you are million years in the past.
But you just go forward and found a tribe who is dominated by other, they call them the Okus. They appears only by night and make a sacrifice
to the island in order to not awake the "shadows".
It take place in an ancient civilization, you walk through ancient temples,
ruins, dark caves and the unknown. What secrets hides this weird tribe?.
What they fear to awake?. An old city in ruins, where answers are hiding.


One of the things that i love of this projects are the systems created.
Here i will explain them in big terms and the current state of all.


The equipment shows in the hero skill with the helmet icon.
It system allows the unit to equip a weapon, shield, helmet,
armor and an accesory,
just clicking the item it will give the bonuses
and dissapear from the inventory. You can unnequip it
clicking again in the equipment icon. it will return
to the inventory.
Current State: WORKS 100%

The attribute system shows in the hero skill with
a yellow cross. Every time you gain a level, an
attribute point is given as a reward.
You can increase the character attributes
and abilities this way.
Current State: WORKS 100%

The coin system unlocks some features in the
game. For example, there are some items wich are
obtainable just aproaching to it. The gold coins,
life and mana orbs can be gettable this way without
the need of picking it and
using an inventory slot.
Current State: WORKS 100%

This a complex sistema. Basically it shows
the characther life in a green custom bar that
refreshs in real time.
Current State: WORKS 100%

The encounter system turns on the Encounter
Rings (Warning Zones, due the unstable world, there
are a few points that breaks the space-time creating annomalies)
Are Coloured circles (see in screenshots). Entering
in contact with a danger ring will active it creating
dimensional monsters from the unknown. When the enemies
are eliminated, the ring will vanish.
The red ones invokes different creatures. The yellow
rings creates an explosion which vanish an amount of gold.
The blue ones are effect traps, burning, freezing, poisoning,
etc. The green circles are starts a caount-down and then
explotes desintegrating all on it. The purple circles are
dimensional portals, touching one will teleport all on it
to another purple circle.
White Circles are event zones.
Current State: WORKS 100%

Going around the world you will experience the day/night
cycle with diferent ambient effects, sounds, events.
Current State: WORKS 100%

The ilumination is the main of the system. It works
with custom ENB Series. It also works with random
ambientation and climate change.
Current State: WORKS 100%

Maybe the more hardworked system in the project.
It is made of a lot of minisystems. Damage Calculation,
health systems and more. It change the damage and
armor system of normal wc3. The experience points
are moved in the mana points. Kill an enemy and
the soul will be moved to the character adding up the
experience points. The damage system now will show
the damage and the armor points will reduce it directly
with no %. 10 points of damage versus 2 points of
armor, will give 8 points of final damage.
Current State: WORKS 100%

The Status system or Living System change the rules
of the game. The purple bar will show the status of the character.
Every random time it will be decreasing, if it reach 0
the character will die of hunger/disease. You will focus
looking for food an medical herbs to restore it.
Current State: WORKS 100%

Basically, when the character walks the sound
of her footsteps will depend of the type of floor.
Very realistic one.
Current State: WORKS 100%

When you equip a shield, the Block ability is unlocked.
It allows to guard almost all attacks. The shield points
are added up to defense points. Every hit reduces the
shield points, if it reach 0, the defense stance will break
it, and restoring the shield points (SP) to base.
When the guard is cancel, the SP will regenerate.
Current State: WORKS 100%


Proyecto :: Elysium Chronicles 1-1209188
Proyecto :: Elysium Chronicles 3-1209191
Proyecto :: Elysium Chronicles 2-1209190
Proyecto :: Elysium Chronicles 4-1209192
Proyecto :: Elysium Chronicles 5-1209193
Proyecto :: Elysium Chronicles Ungeon-1216572
Proyecto :: Elysium Chronicles Sky-1216573
Proyecto :: Elysium Chronicles Galaxy-1216574
Proyecto :: Elysium Chronicles Morning-1216577
Proyecto :: Elysium Chronicles Night-1216578

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Proyecto :: Elysium Chronicles

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